My first experience at CTNX in Burbank L.A., the most famous and important animation’s fair in the world. There I had the chance to know many big artists and do portfolio’s reviews with them, I participated in different workshops and presentations also made by the animation’ studios; they were really unforgettable 4 days full of art and possibilities. Thanks to all the artists that I met: Max Narciso, Ron Baird, “The Three Tooners”, Armand Serrano, Sergio Pablos, Luca Pisanu, Andreas Deja etc. and the few of them were also my teachers like Tom and Tony Bancroft, Peter Emmerich, John Pomeroy.

CTN animation eXpo


fiera illustrazione bologna

This year I went to Bologna’s fair with the purpose of doing portfolio’s reviews with editors and to make myself known. Last year I went to discover this reality, there are many artists hungry to success in this field. I was really happy to make my first interviews that went well and to see the success of my postcards and business cards all taken in the fair. I think I accomplished a lot, my hard work was paid. Here some photos I took on that busy but satisfying day!