La mia intervista fatta da Storytime – Radio Italia 5 riguardo la mia professione di illustratrice, la mia esperienza a Los Angeles e il mondo dell’arte digitale.



Summary intervista con foto

A great opportunity I had was the visit at the amazing DreamWorks Animation Studios in Glendale L.A., a dream came true. Thanks to the guide, our fellow italian, Luca Pisanu I had the chance to discover the secrets of this important studio, their philosophy’s work, their creative proccess, where all the art is created, their present and future projects. Then Luca explained his job as an animator for them and as a game artist, digging into the world of videogames. That tour was one of the most unforgettable experience that someone could have, as an artist I feel really inspired. Thanks to Luca and our host Liron Topaz who I had the chance to participate a workshop in Florence with him four years ago.