This amazing workshop was held by the illustrator Zoe Persico who came from the Usa to teach us her view on children’s illustrations world and to show us her path up to what she has become. She illustrated the steps in her career and her technique from watercolor to a digital medium. Thanks to her I found out the way to be more abstract in digital painting with the use of many textured brushes; she then gave us the process to follow to create our own story and our main character. In the photos below there are also my steps on creating a character from pencil and watercolor to the final digital result on Procreate.

Thank you Okubo and Zoe!


I participated in an innovative workshop of packaging design held by the British illustrator Steve Simpson at Okubo Station. It was really great to discover his career and his particular way of drawing, he uses a lot the “lettering” not only for the titles but he also uses it as an integral part of the illustration. He gave us the circus theme to create from zero a vintage matchbook, all the parts of the matchbook have been drawn, cut, glued and painted with watercolor; we were inspired by the matchbooks of early 1900 with their basic colours and graphic shapes to express a concept and we tried to use at its best the lettering technique: it was really a complete creation by our hands.

Thank you Okubo and Steve!


corso incisione

I experienced my first time engraving, it’s a difficult technique but also really fascinating. Linoleum is a soft material made of oil linseed, pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour and jute canvas. In a small mesure linoleum can be used to engrave drawings like cards. That is what I made: customized Christmas cards. As a novice I liked so much the technique that I bought all the tools that I needed for this type of work and I’m making engravings myself at home, also using the Litography technique to paint the cards.
Thanks to master Manuel Ortega and the lab “L’Armadillo Atelier” in Florence, Italy.



Three challenging days at the lab “L’Armadillo Atelier” in Florence with the italian illustrator Giulia Del Mastio, a creative artist who realizes her works with her personal technique of the acrylic and recently recreated in digital. Here the photos of her way to create an illustration from her predominant color: RED. She taught me her technique, I realized a paint of a Fortune teller at the end of 1800, the circus was the theme given, I created a vintage illustration with interesting colors with acrylic, colored pencils and the engraving technique. Engrave gave the plus to this kind of work, with a result more rusty, vintage and mysterious. I loved the style and all the tools used, a new way to extend our own art and be more challenging.